Let’s All Fight Child Abuse! We Need To Organize..

Let’s All Fight Child Abuse!.

The “spirit of change”; is flowing across the land,

the cause for racial  justice has been outstripped, by economic ramifications…

the call for justice, as far as, women’s liberation, is concerned, has been bought out…

and clarification of just how this came to be, is not immediately evident.

And a big plus,

the major public policy, and outcome of President’s Obama’s Healthcare bill, has been voted into legislation.  (The basic premiss, being that you have to have healthcare coverage, no matter, how poor you are.)

All said, I think, we have, even yet, a job, to do,

We need to stamp out “Child Abuse”…

We need to organize, to ensure a haven, not only for “America’s” children,

but for children the world over…

Do we, at long last, realize that our children, all of our children, are utterly important,

We owe them a legacy, not just a promise, of peace, equity in not only their state of affairs, but ours also,

and a fullfulment of their dreams, hopes, and ambitions, and a manner in which to achieve them.

Mastering not only the possibilities, but the real deal, and that’s a win/win solution.

We look, not just to America, but to the principalities, all over the world for help and community relevance.   Languages, economies, principal theoretical idealogies, won’t stand in our way, when we keep the total picture in mind.  It is, that no matter how difficult it may be, to start out, the road ahead is one we, solely, have the right to choose.

I hope and pray for a solution, standing, sitting, and in an equitiable extension, we politicians, both old and new philosophies, beg for truth.  We need, we work toward a solution, and pray for God’s

blessing and direction.  We can even ask the sages, the man next door, and our representatives,

at home and abroad, …what do we can do to consolidate the fight against child abuse, and bring about a solution to this problem.  You know how, you send letters to your congressman,

on a local, state, and national level, well, I am now open to imput, from everyone,

I would like to start a discussion group. to brainstorm and sollidify most of these ideas….

You can contact me, at your leisure,,,

Thank you for listening,

My contact information is as follows:

Lillian Katherine Tillman, Owner

Johnson’s Mailing Service

7240 S. Princeton Ave.

Chicago, Illinois 60621-3538

Phone:  (773) 224 2484

Email Address:  crazyabout9@yahoo.com

Have a pleasant rest of your day,

Sincerely yours,

Lillian K.Tillman,


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