Let’s All Fight Child Abuse!




Re:   Formation of  org, that would ,…
Child Abuse,
Volunteer Match,,,,acts as liaison to organize, form a catalyst,
For college students,
Having certain amount of hours free, and want to volunteer,
Usually the format is set,
Name of organization
Hrs worked, etc.
Administration  suggest., perhaps.. College grads
Example:  Business majors, Non-profit experience,
Either paid or not paid
 (Internship). Masters degree
Legal background.  In various states (business formation, non-profit)
Accountant background
Business (Accounting majors) CPA
and other interested persons,
Other than volunteer.
What …
Place notices, college, newspapers,
Also and rather than,
Social media

People who would like to be involved with,

organizing activities,
and generally forming,  a non-profit organization
which would address the many problems of Child Abuse
which exist, city, state, and nationwide.



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